Wednesday, May 10, 2017


When you have diabetes, there are several elephants in the room. They're so easy to ignore. It's always time to address the elephant in the room and stop pretending it's not there.  Diabetes can be controlled, but only if the elephants are acknowledged. It cannot be controlled if they're ignored. Cake, cookies, high carb side dishes, sodas, alcohol, and a plethora of other foods that need to be eaten in small quantities often talk to us and say "hey, one binge won't matter." But it does. The food elephant is particularly subversive. Taste trumps checking the carb count much of the time. 

Lack of exercise or just not exercising for no particular reason trumpets like an elephant for everyone. It's so much easier to sit around and do computer stuff, watch TV, take a nap, anything other than exercise. The reality is that it's easy to get some exercise - gardening, walks, housework, all sorts of activity that doesn't scream exercise. 

There are so many ways to deny or ignore diabetes. And there are so many ways to address it head on. Which one will lead to better outcomes? Denial is not your friend. 

Acknowledge your elephants. Identify them. Make them your reality and deal with them. Your health will thank you.  

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