Saturday, April 8, 2017

Miserable numbers, better day

Lucky German shepherd owner that I am, I got up at 3 a.m. to go outside. I figured that since I was up, it might be fun to see a middle of the night blood sugar. Boy, was I wrong.
503! My endocrinologist had said that my middle of the night sugars were probably high because of my snack and high carb dinner habits. I had no idea it was that high. I watched My 600 Pound Life a couple days ago. The subject of the show was 700+ pounds and addicted to pain killers, and in severe denial. The doctors gave him chance after chance after chance to no avail. The main doctor of the show, Dr. Now, took this guy into a room with a full length mirror and had him look at himself. He was a mess - hair all askew, belly hanging to his knees, legs that were huge with lymphedema, and he hadn't seen himself in forever. It was the thing that woke him from his denial coma, at least for that moment.

I feel like I just had that moment. I read about diabetic coma this morning and now realize that if I had gone into the 600s while sleeping, no one would know. The fasting BS this morning wasn't great, but it was a fair distance from the 503. 503! I've totally been gobsmacked, as I mentioned in my spreadsheet entry from this morning. I'm still processing how I could have allowed it to get this bad.

Diabetes. For me, I don't feel it. I do feel lows and they're miserable. Lows are caused by the medication that I take and I keep wanting to lower that medication, but I have a disease. Yes, I'm admitting I have a disease. And I need medication for it. Part of that package is avoiding lows by scheduling proper eating during the day, adjusting carb intake to match up with the action of the medication. This is my mission for the upcoming days.

To that end, my plan is to have a very low carb breakfast, dinner, and evening snack (if I have one), and if I have extra carbs, they will be at lunchtime or afternoon snack to stay in sync with the medication. I will test before and after meals to detect patterns and then put that knowledge to use.

I had bad knees and had them replaced. Pretty much action A causing reaction B. Diabetes might be even more important than that. I have some processing to do and acceptance and stop this denial shit.

Breakfast was right on target. My post breakfast BS was 12 points lower than the pre breakfast. Eggs, cheese, asparagus, and bacon. The most carbs were in the asparagus! Anyway, even one meal makes a difference.

I may post meals for a while to, again, detect patterns and provide some accountability to myself. This is going to be a lifetime change combining medication, paleo, LCHF, and good sense when it comes to carbs.

Lunch wasn't very exciting, but it was okay. SF Jello, cottage cheese, and less than half an apple cubed. Had a half of Premier Protein bar. I really need to overhaul my pantry for sure. I thought I had Atkins bars, but I don't. I may lay off bars completely. We'll see.
Numbers are improving as the day goes on. The blue column is average. It will take all day to recover from the 3 a.m. I'll get it down today and keep it down overnight. Wish me luck.

No picture for dinner, but it included fried cabbage and onions, a little bit of pasta, and a couple deviled eggs. I'll decide later whether I want a snack or not. And for the record, I was at 180 after lunch, so my plan is going to work. It will take a couple days to truly normalize those numbers.

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