Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Doing it right

Tried a different snack last night - apple and cheese. FBS was 142. Holy cow! Two days in a row of acceptable (for me) fastings!

There is an odd side effect of blood sugars in control - boundless energy. It's bizarre and it's like a full body rush. I'm hoping this calms some over time as my body becomes used to a lower blood sugar. I know my eyes will go blurry for a little while during the blood sugar lowering period; they always do. It's like the opposite of high blood sugars causing blurry vision. Yep, I'm lucky like that.

I have plans to eat well today and test often. I can't be cocky and say I have this in the bag, but it's pretty obvious that proper eating is making a huge difference. Low carb, for the most part, and high protein. I'm not worrying about fats as they help level things out a bit.

11:30 p.m. Binged. For Christ's sake. I binged. It wasn't 100% awful, but the fact that I did it was 100% awful. Pumpernickel toast and leftover (not a full pint!) of Pralines and Cream ice cream, and 6 mini Peppermint Patty candies. Shit, shit, shit. I wasn't even going to write it down, but I did it and I have to own it and maybe I need to even process this stupidity to avoid doing it again.

I'm curious now what the fasting will be after a day of semi perfection.

I fucking binged.

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