Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Whole30 Round 3, Day 3

Not a lot of details for today because I'm setting up a new computer. But foods were great and blood sugars were even greater. I did indeed email with my endocrinologist and am discontinuing the glimiperide at least until the W30 is over. That will avoid any low blood sugars caused by the high protein/high fat/low carb characteristics of W30. If blood sugars rise, I'll go back on in it a step-wise fashion from 0.5 mg up to the 1 mg I was taking.

I went to orientation in the weight/machine room at the YMCA today. We focused on upper body and then I spent some time on the BioStep. I was pretty dazzled by the shiny objects and figure if it makes me move, then I shall move. I'll do part 2 tomorrow.

And day 3 is in the bag.

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