Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Whole30 Round 3, Day 2

Holy cow, my fasting blood sugar was 137. That's over 100 points down from yesterday. In one day, my sugars are already coming down overall. It was 145 after breakfast and after exercise.

Breakfast was meh. Leftovers and eggs. Potatoes/onions along with some pancetta and eggs tossed in. The asparagus are canned, which I do love, but they weren't amazing this morning. It fueled me, but it didn't excite me. 

Now lunch is a different story. Baby organic lettuces, egg salad (2 eggs), pumpkin seeds, and olives, and a side of strawberries. Oh yeah, that's better. My blood sugar after lunch should be okay.

With low blood sugars, I needed another trip to the store for bananas and apples. I'm not ready to cut back on my meds yet, but in a few days, I'll be in touch with the endo with new numbers and will most likely not have to carb up with fruit to keep levels in order. 

Dinner was pretty damned good. I had a beef filet and cooked mushrooms, green beans, and onions in the same pan with some ghee. The green stuff is guacamole that is compliant. It was great and very filling. BS after dinner was 110. 

I used the thinnest blade on the mandoline and sliced up some zucchini, seasoned them, and baked on parchment for an hour or so at a low heat (about 250°). Some of them are actually crispy! A little heavy on the paprika, but every time I make something like this, it's a trial.

The breakdown looks good today. I'm still working on bumping up the protein. The carbs include banana, apple, and strawberries, and that is reflected in the sugar as well. When I lower the diabetes meds, I'll also cut back on the fruit intake, but right now, I need it to not crash. 

Overall, a good day 2. I've had 4 cigarettes, so still struggling on the quit smoking front, but getting there!

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