Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Keeping it going

Obsession day 2. Obsession can be read as mindfulness or motivated or whatever, but it is, so far, a success. My fasting blood sugar this morning was down almost 100 points at 153.

My daughter wrote me a heart-felt email asking if I had a quit date for smoking again. I replied to her that in the back of my mind, I do. I tried to explain that diabetes was my first task right now, but I felt like I was rationalizing. It's the truth, but it felt false coming out of my head and onto the screen. I need to think on this one. I do want to quit. I honestly am not sure this is the right time, but what is the right time? She has planted the seed. I will take action. I now need to decide when that action will be taken.

My walking papers for today include keeping my blood sugar in line. I made French toast for breakfast with extra egg and coconut milk, and homemade bread. I also had last night's left over mushrooms. it was an odd taste combination, but it worked! I will either have a Progresso soup or tuna with lettuce again today for lunch. Tonight, I'm planning a shrimp dinner and will bulk up with broccoli.

As related to last night, I made it through that hour of alone time. It's hard when all is quiet and I'm alone. I have such a life-long habit of staying up late and eating till bedtime. I've been generally going to bed earlier, so that's a start.

On with the day.

Update 1:10 p.m.: I made a couple decisions and acted on them. I joined the Y this morning and also signed up for smoking cessation class starting in February. I also made a banging lunch of left over chicken soup (without the chicken), a sautéed chicken breast (put back into the soup!), and a banana. So many vegetables and so much taste! Jealous? Hell, I'm jealous and I'm eating it!

Update 8:18 p.m.: Stressful last hour, but it's okay. I'm past it. My blood sugar was 117 after dinner. Hoofuckinray! It's a little low for me, so I had one of my snacks for the evening now and that should balance things out. I incorporated a cup of orange juice earlier to keep from crashing. Now to find the balance where the blood sugar is in line and my reaction to a lower blood sugar normalizes. I'm very happy with the numbers the past two days and that pretty amazing. I will start the water walking class on Thursday. I may or may not go by the pool just to float around tomorrow. Richard had a point about not starting right out with Zumba, but I will do something activity wise tomorrow. I just don't have a plan yet.

It's been a good day for health. My obsession continues.

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