Monday, December 5, 2016

There are times...

...when I truly love my life.

I'm 61. I have no needs. We're thrifty enough to take care of needs and still have some left over for wants. My wants are few and usually include something to do with sewing.

I live on beautiful land in a wonderful house. We're redoing rooms one by one, and progress is all around me.

There have been a few medical challenges for both Richard and me, but we've gotten through them with each other's help and care.

Richard is a devoted husband, Winnie is a wonderful person to have living in the house, and I try to do my part in return.

Our kids care. Allison came on Thanksgiving as a total surprise to Richard, me, and Winnie. Tom and Ronnie knew and did such a good job keeping the secret. I can't say enough how it delights me that she cares enough to pull that off, and that the boys care enough to keep it a surprise.

And then there's the dog. She couldn't be more of a keeper than she is. She has her devilish quirks. What dog doesn't?

Yep, I love my life. We're at the backside of the spectrum and every day is a gift. I will continue to treat each day that way and can only hope for all of us that we can continue along this road.

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