Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back to what I know best

It has been a long year and there have been changes, both positive and negative, that have encouraged me to do things a different way. That's a sweeping statement, but it filters down into functions such as what I eat, what medications I take, the exercises I do, etc. Day 40 of no smoking!

In searching for a balance, I'm going back to what works when it comes to food. I've taken the plunge back to paleo and am excited to have made the decision. It is the best eating plan for my diabetes, for my weight, for my overall well being, and there's no reason not to stick with a winner. A bonus is I like the foods! It is sustainable and flexible enough to stick with during travel and at home.

I started Pact again last night and plan on utilizing My Fitness Pal for three meals a day, not just one. There's a bit of a problem with my petering out mid-day and not carrying through. That is my biggest challenge with logging. With Pact, maybe $$ motivation will help with that piece of the puzzle. I started Pact with logging 5 days, 3 days of exercise, and 7 servings of fruits/vegetables for the week. I'll increase those, but had to choose something to get started!

So, let's get going with a pretty good breakfast:

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