Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

Here's to a year of drama-free health and peace on the home front.

2016 is shaping up to be a good year, starting with Allison's wedding.

Good bye and good riddance 2015.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A visit to the doctor

Today, I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Volz. I say pleasure because it wasn't bad news and he's a nice guy.

He did a cystoscopy, but doesn't have the monitor in the office yet, so I didn't get to watch. He said he still sees signs of healing, some redness, a scar, and I don't remember what he said about the crepe paper type stuff that was in there. No sign of any kind of regrowth of the tumor.

I stopped Myrbetriq a couple weeks ago and took him my unopened bottles that I had. He was quite happy to get them. I'll check to see if I still have VESIcare in unopened containers. If so, I will take him those because I am stopping it.

Overall, everything is healing and the tincture of time is still my friend. I'll see him again in 4 months for the same merry-go-round.

Saturday, December 5, 2015


I slept 6 hours before I had to get up for the bathroom last night. Pretty damned phenomenal. I'm hoping this is the beginning of something good.

I ushered at the theater today and it was fun to be out and not having to worry about going to the bathroom. I am beginning to believe I'm healing.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bladder up

Time to catch up a little bit. My blood sugar is doing very well. It's 100% related to what I eat and I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping it where it should be.

Sleep is improving. Sort of. I have had issues with a numb thigh for a long time; it's worse if I gain weight. Years and years ago, my doctor said it was probably related to sciatica and to keep up the exercising and weight loss. It has reared its ugly head again recently and sometimes goes down to the outside of my right leg below the knee. And along with that is a restless leg thing, very occasionally. That kept me up one night. But that has nothing to do with the bladder.

I am getting up one or two times a night max. The second time is usually around 6ish or so. That's not so bad. I have yet to sleep more than 4 hours at a time except once or twice.

Last week, I stopped the Myrbetriq. I am still taking the VesiCare. Dr. Volz had said to stop one if they seemed to be keeping the frequency under control.

As for what's happening in the bathroom, I still have discomfort at the end of the stream 100% of the time. It can range from a 1/2 on the pain scale to a 3-4. I'm thinking that means I still have something going on in there.

Not medical at all, but the house is decorated for Christmas now. Yahoo!