Friday, November 6, 2015


First the medical crap - I still am going to the bathroom more than the average person, but it's not so bad. I got up four times last night, but I had a couple DDPs and water in the evening, so that could have been the catalyst. I'm sleeping like a champ between getting up times, though. I am napping and happy about the quality of sleep I'm getting.

I'm doing a whole lot of nothing. Tomorrow, I will be up to 8 back and forths on the patio. Every day, I add one back and forth. I'm feeling confident in my walking. I'm also feeling a bit more confident in my conversation ability. I lose a few words here and there and stringing together a sentence is not always the easiest thing to do, but part of that is a function of being 60. I don't think that everything going on with me is sleep deprivation related, but most of  it is. I will find my balance.

The PT said I needed confidence. I'm getting that every day.

What I am doing most is relaxing. I've cooked the past two nights, both very healthy meals. This trip may be the medicine I needed to bounce back a bit more than I would have with my regular routine.

I am not rushed for anything.

We're thinking about things we want to do when Winnie is off. She works Friday and then is off until I leave on the 16th.

All in all, I'm in a very good space and though there are still minute issues to heal, the majority of the physical stuff is coming along. I suspect I'll be sleeping through the night in nothing flat.

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