Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I fleed, I flied, I flew

Yesterday was whirlwind day, Got up to a decent blood sugar, got my bags packed, took a shower, worked a quick shift, and went to the bathroom a lot (nerves!). At the Richmond airport, I did visit the ladies because I knew I was going to be on a very small plane. All seats for this jaunt are near bathrooms, but who likes to do that? I did the same in DC, preemptive pees :) Unfortunately, I also experienced a blood sugar low at the airport due to the no carb lunch I had in Richmond. My mistake. I bought a ginger ale and M&Ms, and in an hour, I was fine. I only made 2 trips to the loo on the 4+ hour flight to Phoenix. Not bad. I was pretty tired, but we stayed up and talked a while, and I bid my leave at about 10ish. I did get up 4 times last night, which I found to be odd here in desert land! Very little pain, if any.

151 fasting this morning. not great. Not bad.

I'll be working and taking it easy today. I'm exhausted and well, that's no fun. I walked a lot yesterday and never considered getting a cart or a wheelchair. It felt good to be up and moving around.

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