Friday, October 2, 2015


Dr. Volz just called me. He called me. Not a nurse. Not an aide. Not an office person. He called me.

He had put me on Myrbetric and VESIcare for bladder relaxation, which may help with the frequency. I told him I think I slept 5 hours last night and he was as excited about that as I was.

During my visit with him on 9/25, he told me he was going to talk to a colleague as he doesn't see this type of reaction after a TURBT often. He did talk to the colleague and then talked to yet another bladder specialist at MD Anderson. The plan is to continue conservative treatment like we're doing and when I see him in January for a look inside, the progress will tell the tale on what comes next.  First up would be a long course of steroids. I'm not sure I want to do that, but I will if it's necessary. How can I not trust the three different opinions? If the papillary tumor returns, it will be removed and treated after with antibiotics for healing. No more mitomycin C for me.

This is twice now that a cinder block has been lifted off my back. This week I have slept better, been for a walk, have cooked, and in general, have a much better outlook on life.

Did I mentioned my doctor called me?

(Not Dr. Volz, but you get the idea.)
(Dr. Volz, but not on the phone.)

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