Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Sleep at night is interrupted only once now. Go figure! Daytime is variable, but sometimes I have hour or so stretches. Having said that, I went back to my aquatics exercise class yesterday and made it the whole hour. I cannot explain in words how wonderful that felt. I'm pretty out of shape so I'm starting with the arthritis class and when I return from Phoenix, I'll try to get back to the next level class at 10 a.m. My hope is to do some walking in Phoenix. I just need to keep moving to feel good. I know that's my truth and I need to respect it.

Allison called and I answered the phone and heard, "FUCKIN A!" and then I think she realized I had answered and said, "I got a 5K scholarship!" I'll definitely let her have a bye on the fuckin A. :) Proud of her!

Abbey, well she's another story. We got back from our post office ride today and when I opened the back of the Jeep, rather than run for the front door, she ran to Richard's shed. Argh. I had her collar and leash in my hand, so a lot of good they did. I whistled, offered biskies, walked to Charlie's, and looked around the front of the shed. No dog. I gave up and started walking back to the house and here she comes running down the driveway from the shed and to the front door. There must have been something back there she wanted. Her collar goes back on today and that's that.

My blood sugars have been amazing. It's fantastic what one can improve when there's not a big thing weighing on your mind.

I did give Dr. Volz' office a call. I'm seeing some pink tinged stuff on the toilet paper once in a while. I just want to make sure that's okay.

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