Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Physical therapy today was productive. Kristina told me I walk very cautiously and that the balance issues I was experiencing seem to be easing up as I did well on all the testing. Many of the things we did, we also do at the pool, so it's nice to know I'm making the right strides in that regard. We talked at length about the role that confidence is playing and that I will get that back in no time. There was nothing we talked about that I didn't agree with.

I have yet to hear from Sentara regarding scheduling the MRI. I need to get that done soon as I am leaving November 2.

Frequency has been relatively normal today. I did get up twice last night (two 3-hour sleep episodes). Both of those things are good because sleep deprivation is the cause of new weird balance, coordination symptoms.

One tiny tumor. That was the easy part. The mitoycin inserted into the bladder post surgery was the beginning of the summer from hell that is extending into the fall of hell. I'm seeing some progress. I am going to screw up my courage and go ask for medical records tomorrow. My story is long from over.

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