Friday, October 30, 2015

Pre travel catch up

At PT Wednesday, we decided I'd come back one more time after the MRI (closer to Thanksgiving). Their whole goal, I think, has been to build my confidence. I'm moving more overall, so my pre June 18 activity level is coming back. Stamina will come.

My daytime frequency is still probably more than the average person and there is still occasional pain at the end of the stream, but it's rarely enough to give me the shivers all the way through my body. I only had one of those today. The average at night seems to still be every 3 to 5 hours. What an improvement!

I called both Dr. Burgess' and Dr. Volz' offices to find out how to get a copy of my records. I'll have to go by Dr. Burgess' office when I return from Phoenix and fill out forms. There will be a charge, but isn't' there always?

I'd really like to get real sleep and it's coming. January's cystoscopy will tell more of the tale of what the healing level is inside.

All in all, I believe the mayhem part of the cancer, allergy to mitomycin, inflammation, extra surgery, and resultant deconditioning leading to some stumbling and minor neurological problems is winding down. My hand tremors are almost gone. I'm better able to put sentences together when having a conversation.

My main question still remains - if the allergy had been discovered (i.e., if Dr. Burgess had listened to me about the severity of pain I was experiencing) earlier, would the outcome be different?

This weekend will be getting ready to fly on Monday, including a bit of cleaning, laundry, step work (PT exercises) and who knows what else.

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