Monday, October 19, 2015

Just a little pissed

It sort of pisses me off that I have had to see a neurologist, will have to have an MRI and attend balance training PT all due to sleep deprivation, caused by needing to get up every 5-30 minutes all night long until the last week or so, related to the allergic reaction to the mitomycin C that wasn't diagnosed until almost 2 months after onset. It seems to me that a lot of what I am and have experienced  this summer could have been avoided if the source of my extreme pain had been investigated when it was reported and not later when I requested (and was hand slapped for doing so) another cystoscopy. Emergency room physician, family practice, urologist, neurologist, physical therapist - I've had enough.

I'm just angry right now. I've kept a good attitude and will continue to do so, but a small bladder papillary tumor should not have resulted in all of this mayhem.

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