Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feeling like me?

I woke up feeling like me this morning. What's up with that? I did get up once, but I think I had another 5-hour stretch of sleep. I definitely need more of that.

Confidence. Since I started taking my life back a few weeks ago, it's been a slow process. The physical therapy people say I need to build my confidence back up. I agree. I do balance exercises on the deck and some days are better than others. I did stumble once in PT yesterday, so it's been witnessed at least once. I think it'll get better.

I also woke up with a low blood sugar again. I'm not really snacking as much at night. That will also help with weight loss.

What have I changed? I added exercise back into my life two weeks ago. I've been to either the pool or PT three days a week. Next week, I am hoping to do some walking. Winnie's neighborhood is set up for walking with the sidewalks.

Daytime frequency is coming into a normal range and I'm happy about that too. When I'm sleeping through the night, I'll drop the Myrbetriq and keep taking the VESIcare.

It's now closing in on work time. I've been sewing and doing laundry, and am thinking of cleaning a little later. We'll see!

My 2 hopes:

  1. The MRI is clear.
  2. Sleep deprivation is the cause of the weird and dissipating neurological symptoms.

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