Thursday, October 15, 2015

A new adventure begins?

On August 27, 2015, I had to sign a consent form before the second bladder surgery. I was unable to write my name. It was worse than squiggles. The anesthesiologist asked me if that was normal or why I thought it happened. I had witnesses, so they knew the marks that were made were made by me.

Occasionally, and more recently, I stumble and lose balance.

Today, I had to sign in at Dr. Hoag's office and couldn't sign my name again. I told the gal at the desk that I wanted her to make sure she saw me doing it because it wasn't anything like my signature should be. I was at the office to talk about the balance and handwriting, and the loss of words (which I chalk up to aging and fatigue). The fatigue is related to still not sleeping well with regard to the bladder problem (which gets better every day).

Now I get to see a frickin neurologist. Dr. Hoag doesn't like the constellation of symptoms. I told him I had diagnosed myself with MS and he chuckled and said that's not what it was, but it needs to be figured out.

I did tell him that my hand sewing is still possible, but I have to try a little harder and be a little more meticulous. I also shared that I did a word puzzle this morning and tried very hard to make the letters correctly, but it was not always possible.

Heavy sigh for today.

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