Tuesday, October 6, 2015


That's the number of hours I spent sleeping last night without having to get up! I still needed a short nap today, but it was pretty amazing to see the clock was almost 4 hours later than when I went to bed.

Daytime frequency is about 15 minutes. Not bad.

I figured out my stumbling. I had taken some Valium a couple days ago, probably more than I should have, and it had a lasting effect of me stumbling, walking weird, and not feeling like I had much of a sense of balance. I've added balance exercises to my daily routine, but the farther I get from the Valium taking, the less the weird balance is. I recalled that the Myrbetriq and VESIcare are being taken to relax my bladder, and I wondered if they had a relaxing effect on other muscles/tissues as well. Suffice it to say, I threw the Valium away. I'm taking a lot of drugs right now and don't need to add anything that's not necessary. I'm not taking the ibuprofen anymore because it tended to make my hand tremble.

I've spent a lot of today listing things on eBay. I'd like to make a little money for my trip to Phoenix in November.

Abbey is doing an amazing job not licking or self-injuring. .She hasn't worn her cone of shame for days.

George, Allison's cat, has some type of cancer, They're seeing a pet oncologist tomorrow for an opinion. We're all hoping that this isn't the end for George, but I think she's prepared if it is.

Oh, pain level - 1-5 on urination and that dissipates to a 0 in no time at all.

Life's getting a little easier to live. I go back to the pool in 6 days.

Richard mentioned he was worried about the way I was walking, as in walking like I did before knee replacement surgery, but today, he said I was really back to normal.  I'm sure it was the Valium. I will continue to be careful and bump up the exercise, and lord willing the the creek don't rise, I'll get some sleep.

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