Sunday, September 20, 2015

Worth a try

Up every hour last night. I need to write a book about all the different dreams one has before waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. So many glass walls. Last night one to remember was a place with a audience where you sat in a desk chair in front of a video game type of screen. You put in your quarter and the game seat becomes a toilet and the crowd urges you on. So frickin weird. I got a million of em.

Still having perineum pain and the urinary pain has not changed. So, today, I took ibuprofen again and thought it would be worth a try. Dr. Volz felt it wouldn't hurt. We'll see if it does any good. Any relief is good relief.

Blood sugar is still doing okay too. Go me!

The dog has decided her back "elbows" taste good again. Boo. Back to square one with her. Tight watchful eye and the "hat" if I catch her doing it. I don't want to lose ground with her.

The weird sensation when I pee: It feels like at the end of the stream there is something trying, without success, to come out. Could there be more inflamed tissue hanging out?

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