Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Things I learned today

Mitomycin C is not used by all urologists routinely. Dr. V said for sure in severe cases when there is possible re-seeding of the tumor/tumors. Mine was detected so early that there was probably not appropriate risk to that treatment and little concern that it would have re-seeded.

Dr. V has seen an allergic reaction before and it was not pretty; it was an older person and was almost lethal due to her other conditions and age.

He said he would not have used it with me as I wasn't a candidate, in his opinion.

He agrees that pain medication does not help with the healing, but seemed to agree that they did help when there is severe pain like I was having 3 days after the first surgery.

He is concerned, as am I, that something is still going awry. The plan is to have a CT, with contrast this time, to explore in and around and outside the bladder, including the ureters. That should be done in the next few days.  He asked if I felt I could tolerate a cystoscopy and I agreed that I sure could as long as when we were done, I could get up and dash to the nearest bathroom.

He agreed to take me on and we shook hands on his being my new uro.

Before he ever entered the room, he had read everything that Sentara had on me, so he already knows more about the surgeries than I do. He explained that the second surgery was not a TURBT, but it was a TURB without the second T (tumor).

He said high dose ibuprofen won't hurt if it lengthens the time between pees, so I'll probably start that again and see if it helps. It was pretty dicey driving to Portsmouth, but we found a YMCA and I begged to use the facilities. They were super nice about it.

My handwriting is still poor. I filled out a lot of paperwork and would have had a hard time reading it myself. The first time that happened was when I was signing anesthesiology consents in my room before surgery the second time. I guess no rest and stress are having more of an effect than I thought.

I dropped Richard off where his truck was parked in Newport News and drove to Dr. Burgess' office to fill out a transfer of records and to cancel my scheduled cystoscopy in their office.

I have hope in my vocabulary again.

I'm not done with whatever is going on, but I have faith in Dr. V and his ability to not leave me out of the equation or drop the ball. For a while, he'll be in Portsmouth, but when he moves to Williamsburg again, the office will probably be close to home and it will be the same practice, so there won't be a whole new batch of paperwork to fill out!

Overall, I learned a few things, like my allergy was not 1 in a million and that not everyone uses the drug in question. I learned that Dr. V will listen and respond, and his plan includes a deeper look to find out why I'm still experiencing frequency, urgency, and pain.

I'm sure I missed some details, but there's the gist of my visit with Dr. V today.

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