Monday, September 14, 2015

There's a reason I don't drink

I went to Robin's yesterday for her pool blowout party. I never make it on Sundays as I work, so I made arrangements and headed on over. It was really too cold to swim, but we did it anyway. Shelly made something called pudding shots. Well, here's the thing - they were really good. I didn't intend to "drink" and really I didn't, but I had my fair share of pudding and called Richard to tell him I needed to hang out a couple hours before I was comfortable driving home. Today, all I can taste is the pudding. Whew. Water is my friend today. Alcohol is definitely not on my list of things I really like to do and I'll remain the handy-dandy designated driver and keeper of drinking friends. I have just as much fun and don't pay any kind of price for it. Whew again.

Up every hour last night, normal. Every 10-15 minutes today, normal.

I made a quickie time line of the blog to share with Dr. Volz tomorrow. I know it's a logistical nightmare, but I need to make a change and see some improvement.  Even the answers are not what I want to hear, I need to get something definitive happening here and my doctor cannot be so inaccessible.

No more bitching for today.

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