Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sleep, work, pee; sleep, work, pee; lather, rinse, repeat

It was an almost 2-hour stretch of sleep night, but not quite. Thank goodness I'm able to go right back to sleep. I took some extra work hours today and they started at 7 a.m., so the 6ish up-getting was well timed. But I was some kind of tired afterward. Richard slept in and Abbey and I kept things going. When he got up around 9, he and Abbey hit the road for our traditional Sunday breakfast. I took that time to kick back and sleep. A quick hour!

We did some stuff outside, I worked, I sewed, and by 3 p.m., I was done again. 2 hours with 1 time of getting up.

Earlier in the day, I put some pork and sauce in the crock pot, so I didn't have to worry about dinner. This evening, before and after dinner, I'm at about every 15 minutes to pee, and most of them burn. If they don't burn, they almost burn. Normal healing, right?

A gal I used to call friend 25 or so years ago, died today. She's had a really tough life in the last couple decades with depression, substance abuse, and more. We all hope she is finally at peace. She was one of the most intelligent people I knew, but when drugs take over....

Hoping for real sleep later tonight.

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