Monday, September 28, 2015

Sleep, beautiful sleep

I got a call from Dr. Volz' office. There is no further infection, so that's a good thing. Inflammation is another story, but that's the part that will take time to dissipate.

My new Facebook picture. 

I still got up every hour last night and have been vacillating between every 5 minutes and a half hour today between bathroom visits. Richard encouraged me to take a nap when he came home; I think he could tell I was feeling pretty zombieish. I slept two hours with no pee breaks. I think I could have slept the night through, but that'll have to wait.

My tiny concern is my balance is a little off. I'm thinking of signing up for tai chi to help with that. Before that, I'll just need to get out and walk the dog a little bit. There is no one but me who can get started on the road back to movement and exercise.

Now that I know that my bladder is on the mend, it's time.

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