Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scan be done

The paperwork I signed said "malignant neoplasm." Whoa! That took me aback. I am thinking that is what the CT is for - to look for stuff like that.

The IV dye is so weird. It sends a warm feeling down your body. I got two doses. It was explained to me that our bodies see it as waste and our kidneys work to break it down, which sends it through the ureters and into the bladder, thus giving them a good picture of the functional ability of the anatomical bits and pieces. The process was not difficult, but it was lengthy.

But, the CT scan with IV contrast is now done.

Tomorrow is a no doctor day with very few responsibilities. Then Friday is the drive to Portsmouth to see Dr. Volz, go through with the cystoscopy, and talk about what the CT showed.

There are so many possibilities in my head and I've chosen not to focus on them today. There will be time Friday to fret.

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