Friday, September 11, 2015

Same ole

Nothing much to report except my BP continues to go down with the medication. Like I said, with the internal stress my body is going through, I was not shocked to see the BP number so high. Another side effect of the lovely healing process. Blech.

There have been no crises today. I did have to find the bathroom when I went to Food Lion tonight. Dammit! I had one trip there recently where I didn't have to go at all. This too will pass, right? Closing in on 10 days post surgery and I'm thinking normal healing. Tell my perineum that please, okay? It still catches fire a few times a day.

Last night was a one-hour at a time night. That's the best I seem to be able to do right now. As long as I get a nap during the day at some point, it works. Sort of.

So, my pee adventure continues. I dressed like a real person today instead of a schlub, and I think it sort of made me feel more like a person, at least on the outside. No need for the world to know what a pisser my life is at the moment. Get it? I made a little joke there. Pisser.

Enough for today.

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