Thursday, September 10, 2015

Quickie about 9/9

Day 2 of the Percocet trial to help with sleeping and going back to sleep after getting up every hour. I got up a little more often than every hour, but I had no problems going to back to sleep.

The day was filled with painful urination and afterward, and frequency of about 15 minutes to a half hour. We drove over to the ReStore on the other side of town and I went before we left, at the store, and as soon as we got home. We were gone about a half hour.

I'll try the Perc again tonight, but I think I'm switching off of it on Friday night. I may try nothing at all to see how I fare. I have to get back to nothing at all eventually. In my mind, the sooner the better.

I emailed Dr. Knudson (endocrinology) to double check whether she really wanted me to have all the blood work done again that I just had for Dr. Hoag. She agreed we'd hold off as she has access to the current labs. I sure didn't expect to hear back from her last night, but she is right on top of her email for sure.

BP yesterday was 134/81. This morning, it was 132/80. Much better than what Dr. Hoag got. I don't mind taking the medication; I need it. Body is stressing and zoom, up it goes.

Onward for today.

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