Saturday, September 12, 2015

Later that day

Winnie and I were exchanging emails and I was trying to explain how the pain thing works and this is what I sent her:

"As soon as the last dribble dribs, start there with an "ow ow ow" kind of burn. Then think super minor orgasm without the good feeling and the shiver it sends to the top of your head before it stops. Then scratch sandpaper all over your pee hole area. Voila." I reminded her the level and intensity of the pain has improved from a 10 to a 3ish. 

I also added "LOL Since June 18. Now don't you feel super sorry for me? Woe is me.This could have been avoided if they listened to me on June 22. That's really the only thing that has my dander dandering."

Know what that wonderful sister of mine sent back to me? 

"Pfft... three months, 100 pees a day... that's only about 8,300 times. Sissy."

She's lucky I like her. 

When this first started the process was the same, but the pain level was unbelievable. Whew. Glad that at least that part is over. 

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