Monday, September 21, 2015

Frequency better?

This is day 2 of taking the high dose ibuprofen again and I think the frequency issue is improving, leading me to believe there is still inflammation somewhere. We'll see what the testing shows this week.

Last night was a drug free night and was the usual - up every hour. I was able to get back to sleep, so that tells me that pain med, Valium, and Ambien don't really do much. I'm tired enough to get to sleep the first time and so far, am having no problems getting back to sleep with the hourly awakenings. I'm fine with that. The fewer drugs, the better.

Abbey is eating her back elbows again, so when I caught her earlier, the hat went on. It's off now, but I have a close eye on her. I took her out for some ball play and exercise, and now she's calming down a bit. I really want my dog to heal and stay that way.

As for pain, that has not changed. It's not unbearable and is just a part of everyday living now. I suspect that will dissipate as we hone in on a diagnosis and treatment. I still feel like there is something in there trying to come out.

And just for good measure - damn you mitomycin C and damn you Riverside Urology for not addressing my symptoms when I brought them to your attention. Whew, that felt pretty good.

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