Friday, September 11, 2015


In the face of adversity..... wait, am I facing adversity?


Maybe not.

I'm facing some challenges, but they're all educational opportunities. Each step of this cancerous journey has been fraught with bits of learning that I didn't know I needed.

Other than on this blog, I generally don't express the negative aspects of what I'm living through. Oh yeah, there are some people I talk to, but even the level of pain I was experiencing - I didn't fess up to that until the second surgery was scheduled. Why include friends and family in the negative aspects of what my body was going through?

My bladder cancer journey is not over. I have some positive endings in mind and I have some temporarily terrorizing endings in mind, all of which are on a timeline with a lot of points in between that probably express reality.

I was reminded today that I used to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes during the day and every 1/2-hour at night, and to look how far I have come. It was the right thing to hear today.

There are myriad possibilities ahead. I'll experience them all with full awareness. What I don't think is that I will see it as adversity.

Late night brain drain.

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