Friday, September 25, 2015

A much needed very good day

First of all, it's Stefanie's and mom's birthday. I had arranged to take Stefanie out to lunch and as an homage to mom, we ordered Havarti panini sandwiches. They were absolutely delicious. We had great conversation and agreed to let bygones be bygones and be better sisters to one another. I couldn't have asked for a better outing. My best to both of them on their day.

I got up early after a night of one-hour stretches of sleep. The dog and I did our thing and I showered and left for Portsmouth to see Dr. Volz, which would include going over the CT with contrast done on Wednesday and a cystoscopy to be done today.

I had a few questions for the doctor, one of which was - would earlier diagnosis of the allergy have changed the course of events. He responded that he would have explored outside the bladder sooner. I then asked if I were fixable and he said he was confident that I was.

We looked at the CT with contrast and all the surrounding bladder supporting organs (kidneys, etc.) looked good. The allergy did not travel outside the bladder.

I asked to be able to watch the cystoscopy. There is still quite a bit of inflammation and sheer strands everywhere.

I asked about a partial cystectomy and he assured me that he would not "touch your bladder with  a 10' pole at this time," for fear of doing more damage to the weakened tissue. His approach would be conservative.  He explained that Myrbetric and VESIcare would relax the bladder over time. He mentioned continued hydration. He took the time to explain they why of taking the medication. He also asked me to back down on the iburpofen dose to avoid further damage. I will see him again in January for another cystectomy and is going to consult with one of is partners who has more experience with bladder cancer than he does. I gave him the timeout hand movement and asked directly if I had cancer and he said no.

I left feeling like a million bucks. Yes, there will still be frequency and minor pain, but it's slowly going to heal and the frequency should slow, which means a whole night's sleep again Domesday.

I'm sure there will be more to the story, but I'm willing to deal with the time issue.

And do the day did go.

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