Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This is what my life has become....

...and hopefully will be repaired tomorrow.

I went to have blood drawn this morning for the presurgical stuff. The anesthesiologist requires a fresh hemoglobin draw, so no big deal. Afterward, I had some time to kill before Michael's opened. This was a planned trip as I wanted to get whatever Halloween ribbons I could get from them. I opted to take the Parkway to Jamestown, then go down Monticello to Michael's. That's about 15-17 miles to the store going a roundabout way.  I had peed at the hospital, so that was covered.

About halfway to Jamestown, I felt the urge to go. I felt like I could wait. I started thinking about the closest public bathroom and remembered the park near Tom's apartment on Monticello. Kidsburg. Just before I turned right on Monticello from the Greensprings area, I had some leak. No big deal. I was wearing a pad. By the time I got to the park and started getting out of the car, I wet my pants. I wet my fucking pants. In the parking lot, getting out of the car, at the very building where the bathroom was. I wet my fucking pants. I had zero control. None.

There was no one around, so I headed into the bathroom and checked and yep, wet underwear and shorts. Crap. I blotted the underwear with toilet paper, but that really didn't do anything. I noticed they had hand dryers instead of paper towels. I put on the damp undies and then dried my shorts under the hand dryer. Then I went back into a stall, put on the shorts, took off the undies, and dried them under the hand dryer. I was fortunate that no one came in until I was back in the stall putting things back on. With no pad. Argh. Now what?

I drove to the Walmart grocery store nearby and bought a pack of pads, paid for them at the pharmacy, which was near the bathroom, and took them in there and put one on. I also went to the bathroom again!

I wet my fucking pants. How humiliating.

Now I am home after errands. I went to Michael's, went to the bathroom there too, and have been twice since I got home. I am not allowed to take ibuprofen, so this is me without any medication relief.

That is about it. I'm embarrassed to write it, but feel obligated to do so. I need to be able to look back and see where I came from with this stupid adventure. I have mentioned, I signed up for a tumor and removal. I did not sign up for an allergic reaction that has ruined my summer, kept me from sleeping, and thrown me into a  mental and physical tizzy. No more complaining.

It's time to take my life back.

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