Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Random pre-surgery thoughts

The preadmission people never called, so I called them. That's taken care of. I do need to have blood drawn in the morning, but that's no big deal. Then the billing people called and collected their $125 co-pay. Paperwork done over the phone and on line. I should get a call tomorrow telling me what time to arrive, but I do know the surgery is scheduled for 4 p.m. on Thursday.

I need to not smoke tomorrow or Thursday. Maybe I'll just quit. Who knows.

The fun part is that I can't take ibuprofen anymore. They normally recommend not taking it for 2 weeks before surgery, but it's the only thing that keeps me from peeing every 5 minutes. It will be fun to see how this goes.

The pain on urination is worsening. I expect that to get even worse with no ibuprofen.

I would say overall, this "recovery" period has been at least twice as bad as recovering from the two knee replacement surgeries. I really wish the doctor had taken me seriously sooner than he did. I wrote requesting him to write the Percocet prescription and also wrote asking what kind of treatment Dr. Schultz' patient had and how she fared. Dr. Burgess has not answered either of those.

My advance directive has been filled out. I need to sign it in front of  witnesses and that's that. I did check with Ronnie first to make sure he was okay being listed second after Richard.

It's time to feel better.

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