Monday, August 31, 2015

Let there be pee

I learned something today. If I don't drink water all day long, the urine gets very concentrated and a touch caustic, and I even have false alarm pees. If I drink water, I have a real stream (shortened though it may be) and the pain level is 1-4, not 5-8. Water is my friend.

Every pee until Friday hurt like a mofo, at least 7-10 every time and between pees, the level was a 3-7. I'm very happy to have 3 be the average now. The day after surgery, Friday, it was still daggers, but I took medication that day for that reason. Saturday was less daggery and more ouchy.

The good news is it's getting better. It's all about the pee right now. I hope the frequency slows in a week. I need to be able to go out and live my life. Dr. Burgess told Richard 7-10 days for things to start getting back to normal (after surgery).

No exercise yet as I'm still semi exhausted. I need to start sleeping longer, but the 1.5 hours at a time last night was a wonderful improvement.

Onward toward Tuesday.

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