Saturday, August 22, 2015


I went to Adam and Sandy's in Chesapeake today. It usually takes an hour plus to get there, but the traffic was heavy as it's near Virginia Beach. I had to stop twice to go to the bathroom, even though I had taken ibuprofen to hope for the inflammation to recede. The second time, I didn't make it. Thank goodness I was wearing a pad and had an extra. It could have been a hot mess.

I didn't sign up for this. I signed up for a tumor and removal of same. This allergic stuff has affected my whole summer. I went to Busch Gardens to walk around with my sister and her family, and hit every bathroom we came to. What kind of fun is that?

I'm not being woe is me, but am pointing out to myself that my whole summer has revolved around "where is the next bathroom?" I didn't go to the cookout on my birthday. I haven't been to visit my son in Glen Bernie. I can't go to my exercise class. I have to time even short trips to the grocery store, and that includes one or two trips to the bathroom. I haven't slept through the night since June 20th. I sleep about an hour, get up, pee; sleep another hour, get up, pee; etc. And that's with Ambien.

Without ibprofen, it's every 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Quality of life? What quality of life?

Coming home today, I took a different route with less traffic, and stopped once. I barely made it. From there, I went to a craft store in the same shopping center and then drove home. Soon as I hit the house, boom, gotta go.

I've been trying to do bladder training, but it's not working. I literally cannot wait when my body says go. With training, you go ever hour or every half hour whether you need to or not. The theory is your body will adapt to that schedule. Bullshit. It ain't happening here.

I'm 60. I'm not 80. I should have more going for me than I do at this point. I should be going for long walks with my dog. I should be going to the Rec Center for my classes. I should be driving across town to get beef loins and good vegetables. I should have been able to fly to Phoenix 4 days ago.

End of pee rant. I am so over this.

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