Saturday, July 25, 2015

Time out for some smiling

First the medical crap. The doctor's office got back to me after several hours; I had called right after they opened in case they wanted me to come in. The current score is every 15 minutes during the day and every half hour to an hour at night. They asked me to come by and pick up some Myrbetriq, another overactive bladder drug. I'm game. They promised that these issues I'm having will go away. We made a plan that if I'm not better in two weeks, I'll call again. Not much else I can do. The culture came back clean, so it isn't the raging infection I was hoping. Okay, no one hopes that, but it meant antibiotics would calm down the frequency, urgency, and orgasmatron pees.

Yesterday, Ronnie came by. We visited for a good while and he went out with a friend. While he was here, the florist delivered a really cool arrangement that Allison said was the Zen Bouquet. Isn't that cool that she is in tune to me so much that she knew anything zen would make me happy. Tears. Good ones. Then Tom came over with Cheese Shop goodies and some candy from the store at Merchants Square. He stayed for a good while and then headed home. Ronnie was going to stay with him and they ended up going to the movies.

Adam's wife called me at about 10:30 and gave me a big bit of grief for not telling her about the cancer or the surgery. She was very upset, tears upset. There was a lot of "I love you and care about you" talk and I was taken aback. We had a nice talk and I reassured her that I was doing fine, but that I'm tethered to the house for now. In the end, she told me she is going to Busch with the kids and Stefanie on August 5. I invited myself and it was a happy call after all. I told her I'd talk to Tom about discount tickets.

Today, the day of the cookout that I couldn't attend!, Mike and family stopped in to pick up my contributions to the cookout - burgers, hot dogs, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and rolls. The whole idea was that Stefanie's daughter and I were arranging a housewarming for Stefanie. That blossomed into a birthday thing for me and a happy marriage to Adam and Sandy. I gave Stefanie a head's up earlier in the week that I might not make it and explained why. I really didn't want to be a disappointment. I then called her again Friday and we talked for a long, long time about everything and anything. Back to the day. Mike, et al, left and headed to Virginia Beach. Ronnie and Tom were on their way too. Everyone had a great time and as it turns out, Sandy talked to Tom, and he's getting 5 tickets for them for BG! He said, "Mom, they're family."

And that leads to my tears for today. It makes me so happy that our generation of the family has kids that know that they have family and that we're solid with each other. Mission accomplished.

Oh, Sandy and Stefanie and I are going to get massages when I'm healed. I don't think it'll be that much longer.

Ronnie stopped by on his way home to MD and had Elijah with him. He has grown so much! Ronnie has been there for him since he was born and even now that Elijah is almost 15, he still spends some of the summer with him.

It's been a great birthday. I still can't conceive the number 60 as my age. I know my bladder is that old, though. :)

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