Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ride that bike

When my son was younger, we were in the back yard and he said, "Today, I'm going to learn to ride my bike." And he did. 

Today, I am going to learn to ride my bike.

I'm close to fully recovered from the bladder incident (notice how I said incident instead of cancer), and am feeling pretty derned good. My energy level is coming up. The frequency of bathroom trips is still there, but it's not a big deal. Two to three weeks is what I was told, and it's been two weeks.

But today, I start again to work very hard at keeping my diabetes under control and getting my weight back under control. I have not gained weight, but I want to lose some. Weight and diabetes are related, as is the general health of my new knees. 

I'm declaring independence from fat. Today, I'm going to learn to ride my bike.

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