Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Okay meds, do your thing

Since June 10, I haven't been myself. That's the day I was gob smacked with the diagnosis of bladder cancer. Half of me was like "WTF?" and the other half of me was like "this is no big deal." At any rate, June 18, I had the TURBT. Piece of cake. Well, it was a piece of cake for a couple days at least.

I had the odd pain episode and then things seemed to calm down a bit until the tingles began, which is where I am now. On calling the doctor yesterday, he said it was normal healing. A friend of mine suggested that nerves are healing and I'm sure that's what's going on. When I re-called the office to let them know of the frequency issue, they called me and told me they'd leave a prescription of VESIcare for me to pick up, two weeks' worth of samples to be exact. The nurse also told me that all the things I'm experiencing can take 8-10 weeks to dissipate. I know they can't tell you everything that might happen, but a patient education booklet would have been really nice to have been given. Any head's up on this stuff, you know?

I took one as soon as I left their office and picked up my bag of goodies. Now I wait.

On a side note, I didn't have much in the way of work this morning and didn't want to sit around drinking coffee since that is a bladder irritant, so I looked at the clock and decided to go to the pool. I went to the earlier class and I made it about 50 minutes before I had to get out and realllllly hit the potty. Grown woman calling it the potty. Pitiful. It was just what the doctor ordered. Even with the tingly mess, I feel like I've overcome a huge hump and this recuperation thing can start to settle down.

A lot of people knew why I had been out, so I spent a little time explaining that I'm okay and stuff, but it was nice to be around my pals. One lady said she was going to call, but didn't want to be nosy. I told her friends were allowed to call :)  We both smiled.

I did make a quick trip to pick up vegetables at Food Lion and had to hit the loo while I was there. Wish me luck on this frequency thing! Heal little nerve endings, heal!

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