Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ode to the old man

I just wanted to say that Richard is amazing. He has always been the greatest coparent a person could ever ask for. He did at least as much getting up in the middle of the night with the kids as I did, and it blossomed from there.

Our marriage was kind of wack for a while, so we shut it down. But about 5 years later, we fell in love and started courting, ended up living together, and then a year after that, we remarried.

We're a bit older now and a few health things have smacked us both upside the head a few times. When I had my first knee replacement, he was right there with me and between him and my son, Tom, I was completely taken care of. The second knee, same thing. He was always available.

I've done the same for him when he needed, and wouldn't have changed a thing. He came first and still does.

Recently with the cancer diagnosis, surgery, and horrific after effects a few days later, he did it again. He felt my pain along with me, went shopping for soft foods for me, and always made sure I had a glass of water to keep me going.

I have been very fortunate. There are times when he drives me batshit crazy (and me him), but they are rare. He holds me up. I hold him up. We eschew a lot of the crazy crap that goes on in the world in favor of hanging in the back yard with the dog. We're aging very simply and I think we're both very grateful that we had the good sense to get back together.

I am where I was going.

I have love and give love.

What more could a woman ask for?

Yep, I love that man.

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