Friday, July 24, 2015

Nucking futz

That would be me. Every 5-10 minutes while I'm awake and every hour or less when I'm trying to sleep. I'm officially spent. Hell, if they want to put in a catheter for a while, I don't even care. At least I would be a functional human being, which I am not right now.

Moan, groan, bitch and complain.

Edited to add notes made on an text document:


Called at 8:05 asking for medication or to be seen, saying maybe someone else could see me if Dr. Burgess was not available. Spoke to Nadine. She tried to find Debbie, but she was in with a patient. Nadine said she'd send a message to Debbie "with a flag." Nothing yet. I called early on purpose. I'm wondering if they just don't care.

10 a.m. - nothing.

11:15 a.m. - nothing. Good thing I called early, huh?

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