Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Today is a complaining day. Kind of like a losing things day, but with complaints.

I'm so frikin tired of being tired. I want sleep. I do sleep, but it's in 1-hour spurts. Speaking of spurts, that's what wakes me up. Gotta pee. All the damned time. I'm sick of it. The orgasmic feeling is kind of still there, though not as intense. It's at the end of the stream instead of through all of it and the residual for 5-10 minutes after.

Sigh. This is just gross.

I called Dr. Burgess' office and they asked me to come in a pee in a cup, so I did. They might have done that to appease me. I want to go to my own birthday/Stef's housewarming/Adam & Sandy's got married party on Saturday. Right now, I am not sure that's going to happen. How do I drive an hour+ with an every 5-10 minute pee schedule? Grumble. It's my bladder and it was my cancer, but damn. This sucks.

I'm sure I've used that graphic before, but there you go. I'm using it again. 

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