Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Drip drip drip

This urgency and frequency is driving me nuts. Maybe I need a toilet with food, drink, and laptop like this guy?

Kvetch time :

  • I go every 10-30 minutes. That means if I go to a store, I better be sure I know where the bathroom is. 
  • I get up about hourly at night. That means I'm not getting a decent night's sleep and haven't for weeks. 
  • I had that weird super orgasm feeling every time I peed, but that is not nearly as severe as it was, though it's still there.
  • I've been on VESIcare for one week and the doctor said to call in two weeks if this mess keeps up.
  • Healing from this fucking surgery is pissing me off.
  • I'm drinking water all day long. Guess what that makes you do? Right. MORE PEE!
  • Who knew bladder healing would take so long?
I know I should be grateful for the absence of cancer and the technology that allowed it to be found early. I actually am grateful. I'm just sick a'peein.

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