Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The call

Oooh, that sounds so ominous - The Call.

Actually, it's been a two-call day so far. Let's start by saying I got zero sleep last night and ended up getting out of bed at 5 with a rowdy "fuckit." I got a nap at 10:30, but still feel like the proverbial truck has run me slam over.

The insurance lady called from the hospital. They're going to get their money for sure. She said they had no record of me being here yesterday. I told her I most definitely was there for blood work and an EKG. The conversation kind of escalated and went in this direction and that, culminating with me not only not having been there, but that they didn't have the right insurance information and that I needed to take care of that for yesterday's stuff. Argh. I did give insurance lady my new card information and left the phone call thinking that it's not my fault that they didn't ask for it yesterday. She told me I had to talk to the pre-surgery assessment nurse to straighten it out. I did call her and she was baffled. She told me she'd talk to the registration folks and if they had questions, they'd call me.

The second call just ended. This was the surgical nurse. I'm to arrive at 9:30, which leads me to believe I'm not scheduled for some time after that. I'mma be hongry!

I know this is not a huge surgery. I know that it'll be over when it's over. But I still had another wash of anxiety come over me after the second phone call. Weirdness. I'm ready for Friday.

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