Friday, June 19, 2015

Surgery Day

Richard and I showed up at Sentara yesterday, right at 9:30 as instructed and went upstairs to the surgery floor. I was called pretty quickly. Jen, my number 1 wonderful special better than ever RN, showed me my room and did a little of this and little of that for the next hour. Got an IV, blood sugar checked, dressed in a lovely gown and cheap don't-slip slippers, and then proceeded to nap off and on while Richard waited patiently beside me in the chair.

Jen stopped back in to let us know there were delays and that my time was pushed up to 12:30. So we watched TV and 12:30 came and went. Then 1. I got a visit from the anesthesiologist and then Dr. Burgess. Then stuff started happening and into the OR I went. Everyone on the team said hello. They seemed surprised to see me awake and talking, but no medicine.. yet. "I'm going to give you a little something to relax..." And boom. Recovery room just about fully awake, I am sure it wasn't that simple, but that's what I remember. Dr. Burgess visited Richard and told him that there was a tiny stem (very good thing) and that everything went very smoothly. I did spent about an hour in the recovery room with the medication instilled (mitomycin C) and when that time was up, back to being catheter-free and to my pre-surgery room.

All of the details between "relax" until last night are just a shade hazy, so I'm not exactly sure what time was what. I think it was around 4 p.m. that we left. Jen told me I had to pee before I left and gave warnings about how much it was going to hurt. I had a mini-ginger ale and peed just fine without pain. After getting home, Richard went to get meds and I hung out. That outing didn't work out, so he did it again later and I went to sleep while he was out. He got me some mac and cheese, so that was dinner. Beyond that, it was TV, sewing, and soon to bed.

I did get up a few times in the night, but that is no surprise. No pain. Easy to get back to sleep. At 6, I went ahead and got up. I'm sure there's a nap in my future today.

I will make the first of many follow up visits with Dr. Burgess for a week from now. I had anticipated being curled up like a ball with a lot of pain in the pee region, but neither of those things happened. The unknown is scary territory.

I'm not smoking. I still wish it was okay to smoke, but it's not. So there.

Today? I'm just going to take it easy. I'm already feeling sweaty and it's not hot in here. The day after surgery is always fun, so I'll be fun along with it.

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