Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ready for my closeup, Dr. Burgess

The day started with a call from the Sentara assessment nurse. We talked about bunches of stuff including that I had blood work done recently and was seeing the endo today.

I got myself all showered and even shaved my legs, and headed to the endocrinologist's office in Williamsburg. The gal there told me Dr. K is in Newport News on Tuesdays, so I asked her to call their office and tell them I'm on the way. I dash to NN (about 1/2 hour) and go to the front desk, where they inform me my appointment isn't until July 16! I did say I'd like to get a copy of my lab work, which I had drawn a month early too (no one noticed the dates on that form either, not even me), and the receptionist said since I was having surgery, they'd work me in. Which they did. I got specific orders from the endocrinologist and then head to the hospital to talk to the nurse and to have my preop EKG.

The blood work wasn't sufficient, so that was added to today's stuff. (Hindsight, they did blood work in the ER not that long ago; that should have been enough.) There was a student lab person who had never done a hand vein draw before, and she was reluctant to do so. I encouraged her to go for it while she had a willing patient. She did, and it was fine. EKG done.

Now I wait for them to call tomorrow and tell me what time the actual surgery is on Thursday.

Yes, Pee Pee Doctor, I am ready.

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