Thursday, June 25, 2015

Random thoughts or maybe not so random

Tomorrow is my follow up appointment with the urologist, one week and a day out from the bladder cancer surgery. I'm a tiny bit anxious, but not to the degree that I was after diagnosis and just before surgery. Whatever the results of the pathology, tomorrow is the beginning of what's next.

The first report, 48 hours, of the urine culture came back "no growth." That was a surprise to me. I'll continue the antibiotics until they are done.

I believe today is the last day for pain medication. Richard encouraged me this morning to take them today and he was right. The pain is less and lasts for a shorter period of time, but it is still there. If I need anything tomorrow, I'll take Tylenol. In fact, I may take Tylenol for a day just in case. The recovery period after urination is also shorter. I still get the creepy crawly skin as the stream slows down, but nothing like days gone by.

From Saturday with my 8/10 to Sunday with my 10/10 to Monday with my 11/11, I'm at about a 5/10 at the worst moments. Totally improved.

Now I think toward the future - vitamin C, B12, E, calcium, D, and newly added cranberry extract capsules. Continue the no smoking. Get back to exercise. And keep the diabetes under control with exercise, diet, and medications. I'm ready to get decent sleep again. Last night, I was up every 2 hours. That's an hour more per sleep period than the day before.

As a side note, today was Brian's last day of chemotherapy. So happy for him. He still has a lot of work ahead of him to get his life back in order, but as I have a new day one tomorrow, he had a new day one today.

Overall, life is pretty good. I'm ready for whatever happens.

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