Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Phone calls and schedules and stuff, oh my

Today is going to be a medical filled day.

I spoke with the assessment nurse at the hospital this morning and she tells me I'm tentatively scheduled for 12:30 on Thursday. That's a long ass time to go without eating, but it's okay. She cracked up when I admitted to occasional marijuana use. Why lie?

I'll be seeing Dr. Knudsen (endocrinologist) today and will deal with what meds to take or not take on surgery day. I also hope to get a "let's keep doing what you're doing" report from her. I will get lab work from her to take to the hospital.

Then at the hospital, I'll get an EKG. I already had all the lab work when I was in the ER in April, so no need to redo all that.

I got an amazing email from Joanna. She and Brian are such good people. He's close to the end of his chemo and will be addressing reconstructive surgery soon. I want so badly for him to be done with this.

And on a personal note, I'm ready for getting back to worrying about what's for dinner.

Abbey has had a rash on the back of her rear legs for a while now, treated twice. Now she has raw spots on the front legs. She'll be visiting Dr. Kinkead Friday.

Time to work and start my real day. Fuck cancer.

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