Saturday, June 13, 2015

No more gob smacking, okay?

So, I wrote what I was going to have done. I don't think I shared what it is I have:

  • Papillary carcinomas grow in slender, finger-like projections from the inner surface of the bladder toward the hollow center. Papillary tumors often grow toward the center of the bladder without growing into the deeper bladder layers. These tumors are called non-invasive papillary cancers. Very low-grade, non-invasive papillary cancer is sometimes called papillary neoplasm of low-malignant potential and tends to have a very good outcome.
If you can believe it, it was actually kind of cute. I don't like where it lives, but it doesn't have fangs, devil horns, or evil written all over it. It still has to go!

I think I let everyone in the family know. Should I have? I'm not sure. Like I told my nephew, this generation of our family cares for one another and I thought it should be shared. He's going through a much more harrowing cancer situation, but is about to have his last round of chemo and is set for reconstructive surgery in October. We're all so damned happy for him! 

Richard is all about 'let's do what we need to do' and I'm with him on that. I am hoping this is a bump in a very long road. That's what I bank on. 

Today is focusing on eating healthy and not smoking. I woke up last night not feeling so good, but at least I slept! I knew sleep would return; three nights of no sleep was not fun. Today is also a theater day. I'll be ushering later and it'll be fun to get out and be with people. Monday, it's back to the pool!

How do I feel about this? Not as woe as I did. I'm out of the funk that I allowed myself. Mother nature has blessed us with 500° days, so that's not been fun. But then, I've always been grumpy in the heat! Okay, no more humor - how do I feel? I feel like ... more like I wish things were a little more carefree. Maybe I'm still a little wistful. I know I can't go back, but I also know I can move forward. That's true with any situation. 

I will receive a call from the hospital on Monday to do a phone history. If any further bloodwork or testing is needed, that's when I'll find out. Then, on Wednesday, they'll call again to let me know what time to show up Thursday. 

Here goes nothing!

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