Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More fun stuff & healing ahead? I hope so!

It's not all complaining, really.

The pain meds have made my life bearable and I'll take them again today and see how it goes. They don't stop it, but they do dampen it a bit. I'm good with that. If it's an infection causing all of this mayhem in the nether regions, they should kick in this evening. It usually takes 24 hours for an effect. That's the biggie - are they helping?

I did the go to bed/get up routine last night and at 3, finally came downstairs to address the recliner and see if being closer to a bathroom and different positioning would allow me to relax enough to sleep. I got a couple hours of sleep after fitful maybe sleep up until then. Frequency and urgency are not my friend right now; the antibiotics should help with that. When I got up, I raised my arm and couldn't believe the skank! It made me laugh out loud. The dog was wondering why I was saying PU! Into the shower and skank be gone. Additionally, you can't feel but so bad after a shower.

The pee pain is still about 7-8 when I'm going with the lingering pain being a 5, but lasting not nearly as long. Whew. Big whew. I'm using "motherfucker" less in the bathroom and more "damn, damn, damn!" The layers of cussing do tell the tale, don't they?

Abbey is on day 3 of her Zyrtec and she's doing a good job of not licking her lesions. Wish us all luck on that one. The next step is antidepressants for obsessive/compulsive disorder. We're both hoping that it was caught early enough and that's such a people pleaser (stopping when we catch her or stopping herself before she makes contact with a lesion), she should heal in a month or so. It's forever (the licking compulsion), so we'll just have to make sure she's not overdoing it. She was a very bitey puppy and has licked everything within reach at least once. Lindsey was a pillow licker, but didn't take it any further than that.

I'm still befuddled by the urology office's non-responsiveness yesterday. I'll address that with the doctor at my follow up visit. The notes here will help me keep my dates/times straight when we talk.

Blood sugar was way too high this morning, but I'm not surprised. You should have seen my vital signs at the doctor's office yesterday. Whoo boy. This too will ease up today or tomorrow.

Just a bump in the road. I'm looking for a level highway for a while.

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