Friday, June 19, 2015

Less drugged, doing aiight

I slept like a log last night. There's no surprise in that with all the juice they put in your system to knock you out. My sore throat didn't keep me awake. All the fun things they told me probably would happen (pain in the nether regions, bladder spasms requiring medication, and painful pee), well, none of them happened. The prescription for Pyridium has gone untouched and I won't be needing it. I have two days of antibiotics left.

Here's a fun piece of trivia. I called to make my one week followup appointment at Dr. Burgess' office. The gal told me the followup appointment was made when they scheduled me for surgery. Well, golly. No one told me that. Not only that, it's scheduled for July 6, which in my world of calendar math is a little bit more than a week. I do like this doctor a lot, but I am so not a fan of his gatekeeping team. Grumble.

I'm sure there's a biopsy happening, but I won't learn anything about that until the said one week (ha!) appointment.

The worst part of all of this is not smoking. I know that's really a plus. For a couple of days, it'll be a distraction, but once again, I'm okay with that.

I had a 3-hour nap today and am ready to go back to bed again. This part will probably be over tomorrow.

Yeah, it was a cancer, but I do believe the surgery may have kicked its ass.

Back to reality and diabetes tomorrow. In a couple weeks or so when the appointment is over, back to the pool too. I might even cook tomorrow. Richard's been a national treasure. He deserves a break.

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